Fix & Flip Loans

Finance your next big residential project with a Fix & Flip loan from SunQuest Funding!

House flipping in New Jersey can be an exciting and profitable real estate venture, but in order to purchase that inexpensive home and fix it up, you need funds. A fix n’ flip is a partial loan meant for experienced builders and investors who know what they’re doing. Because this is considered a commercial loan, rather than a residential loan, you can get one without income verification, just with cash, credit, and experience.

However, remember that because a Fix N’ flip in New Jersey can come with significant financial risk, it’s best to have an experienced mortgage lender like Sunquest Funding in your corner.

If you don’t have the cash on hand to purchase a property in New Jersey to fix and flip, Sunquest Funding can help you secure that bank loan to get you started.

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Whether you are about to undertake your first Fix and Flip or your one hundredth, experienced with wholesale real estate investment or an inexperienced flipper who wants to jump in on this exciting opportunity, give us a call today at (908) 272-8330. We can discuss how to secure a Fix and Flip loan in New Jersey, and give you an honest and straightforward opinion about your best options.

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