We put YOU first with mortgages!

We put YOU first!

Are you uneasy about the mortgage process? We can help!

At SunQuest Funding, we see ourselves as partners in your quest for the right mortgage. We help you achieve your financial goals, whether it’s buying your first home, refinancing for a major renovation, or buying an investment property.

You are MORE than a loan application.

We want you to understand the loan process and all of your options. We welcome your questions and are delighted to answer them. We know that we will get the best loan for you when you understand and participate in the process.

We have the expertise to help you navigate the application process as smoothly as possible, understand the requirements even before you begin, and meet your financial needs. Our one goal is to help you finance your dream home.

You are MORE than an account number.

We know you can go anywhere for a mortgage these days, especially online. But overwhelming choice can also be overwhelmingly confusing. Which is why it’s more important than ever to choose your mortgage partner wisely.

We offer the Four C Mortgage Process Commitment:

  1. Clarity: We keep things transparent, remove the mystery from the process, and walk you through it.
  2. Communication: We’ll keep you informed every step of the way.
  3. Confidence: We use the most secure, high-tech application platform available, so you can be sure your data is safe.
  4. Competence: Our highly experienced staff will get you an answer fast, and you’ll work with the same person throughout the entire process.

At SunQuest Funding, YOU are important.

Because of the personal relationships we develop with our clients and the care we take, SunQuest Funding can work with almost anyone, from entrepreneurs who are self-employed and people looking for pre-approval for a home they haven’t yet found, to those who have less than 20% for a down payment or investors and builders looking to fix n’ flip.

We value honesty, integrity and personal connection, and would consider it an honor to work with you.

Call us today for a Pre-approval, so that you’ll be ready to bid on that dream house before you even finish the walkthrough.



We work with you to achieve your financial goals

At Sunquest Funding, we know that a mortgage is a major investment in your life. So we treat it that way. We know our clients are people, and they deserved to be treated that way.


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Our Amazing Team

Helmed by Mark Yecies and Christian Weingand, SunQuest Funding comprises a team of skillful mortgage and lending experts with years of experience helping people in New Jersey meet their financial and housing goals. Habla español.

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Mark Yecies

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Gabriela Marti

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